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Lines of action

Our lines of action are focused on three areas in which we work daily to make Putumayo an increasingly better place.

Sustainable agriculture and environmental protection

We promote a green economy by integrating sustainable agricultural practices with innovative production processes that protect the Putumayo ecosystem. Our approach prevents deforestation and illicit cultivation, promoting efficiency and sustainability, leading to a prosperous and resilient future for our community.

Education and empowerment

We teach short courses and diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Education, in the creation of sustainable businesses and productive processes and to promote regional economic self-sufficiency.

Gender equality

We are actively committed to the inclusion and empowerment of women in the local economy. We encourage and support their decisive integration into production processes, recognizing their essential role in advancing an equitable and prosperous society.

We are FUNDEYACO, the Emergency and Aid Foundation for Colombia, a non-profit organization created in 2017 by Cédric Lheure and Cristina García, after a natural disaster that devastated Mocoa. We operate in Putumayo, Colombia, with the purpose of promoting sustainable and business development in the region. We focus on productive and educational projects that promote entrepreneurship, strengthen social conditions and empower vulnerable communities in the department.

Laura Silva

Product Coordinator

María Ospina

Accounting Coordinator

Valentina Ordoñez

Academic Director