At FUNDEYACO, we promote the comprehensive development of the Colombian Putumayo through educational, productive and environmental projects. We are committed to supporting vulnerable communities, strengthening their capacities and resilience not only in the face of natural disasters and the legacy of armed conflict, but also in the face of a complex economic situation characterized by limited job opportunities. Our approach encompasses improving economic and social conditions, offering pathways to self-sufficiency.

We aspire to be a catalyst for change in Putumayo, promoting a more just, educated and sustainable society. Our vision is to achieve equitable and responsible economic development that respects and protects the natural wealth of the region, and that empowers its inhabitants to build a prosperous future.

Our base is located in the San Juan Bosco village, Mocoa, an ideal space for the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. We have a training center equipped with two classrooms that can accommodate up to 80 people, which allows us to offer quality training in various fields.

We face unique challenges in Putumayo, a region marked by armed conflict and socioeconomic challenges, such as high deforestation and dependence on vulnerable economies. Our focus is on reversing these trends through education, promoting business formality, and strengthening the local economy to reduce informality and unemployment.